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Services: EMR EHR Online Access - Health Data Labs
We at Health Data Labs considers ourselves an EMR Plus service. We take your physical medical records, digitize them and make them available to you online. We also offer a full fledged EHR service. Our Electronic Health Records services offer you a state of the art, always online hub where you can run your whole clinic, office or even hospital from.


Business People Meeting Conference Corporate ConceptFree Consultation:

Health Data Labs will coordinate with your office to get an estimate of what should be digitized. We will carefully look through documentation and any pertaining information to come up with a concrete, space-saving and money conscious plan.

We then create an easy to follow, crystal clear proposal. In the proposal , we detail all our services and the exact cost of document imaging, our online data access and more.


Xray closeupDocument Imaging:

Once we know what medical records need to be digitized, we personally transfer and store any documentation that is to be scanned. Documents are scanned at upwards of 600dpi by 600dpi giving you crystal clear digital copies of your records.

Our team has over 20 years in document digitizing. Our experts will put all of your documents through our seamless digitizing process with the upmost quality and are.



Business Men Meeting Tablet ConceptOnline Records Access:

Keep your medical documents secure with our HIPAA compliant online access and storage. SSL, at-rest encryption, data loss protection and two-factor authentication are only a few of the security measures we take. We make sure your documents are locked and safe while also enabling Doctors and Nurses access to critical medical records.

Health Data Labs online access also allows you to connect to your medical files via desktop, tablet or smartphone. upload, download, and even streamline forms and consent. Viewing and securely sharing CT scans, X-rays and ultrasounds from any device with our DICOM Viewer.


Electronic Health Records System (EHR):

Need us to help you run your office smoother? In addition to an EMR system, Health Data Labs can also provide a full featured EHR system. Register your new patients online, make diagnosis available, invoice from your own website and more. Learn More




Ideas Creative Occupation Design Studio Drawing Startup ConceptWebsite Development:

HDL can help you take things a step further by providing your office with a web site that is designed and integrated with our online data access. Present your medical office with a beautiful, easy to navigate website that also doubles as your online hub for all your medical records and documents.



Dental Check-up In ClinicConnect your ENTIRE network:

Does your practice have multiple offices? No problem! Our EMR system at Health Data Labs are built with multiple locations in mind. Your entire network can be stored online in the same data hub.



Brainstorming ConceptShredding:

One huge upside to digitizing all of your health and medical records is being able to easily locate aged documents. Those patients that haven’t visited your office for over 10 years can be digitized and accessed via our system and shredded. Allowing your office to save space and money by getting rid of the physical records you no longer need.